Perfect Home Hvac Design Guarantee and Disclaimer

Our Limited Guarantee

We guarantee that your designs will be performed by a veteran residential hvac designer with many years design, managerial and field experience. We guarantee that your designer will take every possible step to ensure that your designs are as accurate as humanly possible within the confines of, and dependant upon, the data and/or information provided to us. We guarantee that our designs are ACCA certified to meet the requirements of Manual J 8th Edition and ACCA Manual D. We guarantee our best design effort will be integrated into each conceptual design.

Please read this disclaimer before utilizing our services

The hvac design and/or duct design / floor plan layout supplied by "perfect-home-hvac-design" (PHHD) are provided to the customer on an “AS IS” basis. PHHD disclaims any and all other warranties, expressed or implied, including merchantability or fitness of purpose.

Projects, information, reports are non-returnable for credit or refund under any circumstances, now or in the future.

PHHD shall not assume liability for direct or indirect damages of any kind including, but not limited to, anticipated profit loss, loss of business opportunity, personal financial loss, or any other economic loss arising out of the use of PHHD conceptual designs or information services.

The customer / end-user agrees that PHHD provides only conceptual ideas. Implementation of these conceptual ideas is at the sole discretion of the customer.

It is the sole responsibility of the end-user / customer to ensure accuracy and compliance with applicable statutes, code compliance, or regulations of any sort / type.

It is the sole responsibility of the end-user / customer to determine the feasibility of any design / layout / schematic furnished by PHHD prior to the use thereof. In the event of any liability imposed on PHHD, PHHD’s liability to the customer / end-user and any other additional parties shall not exceed the original price paid to PHHD for the conceptual design/layout.

PHHD assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions in conceptual designs, or the supplied website information or any other documents which are referenced by or linked to the PHHD website.

Customer agrees he is responsible to furnish accurate and complete information which is critical for a successful and accurate conceptual design / layout. He further agrees that PHHD cannot and will not be held liable for such ommissions by himself or any, and all others, that may become involved in application of above mentioned conceptual ideas.

PHHD does not guarantee availability of any materials or products specified or recommended on supplied documents.

Customer agrees to consult applicable codes before proceeding with any conceptual designs or work.

Customer agrees that PHHD has no control over poor or substandard fabrication practices or installation practices of any others hired to turn conceptual ideas into working systems.

The customer agrees to pay all legal fees arising from any court action or arbitration. Furthermore the customer agrees to pay any and all damages brought upon PHHD for providing these conceptual designs.

Customer agrees that we, PHHD, have not represented ourselves as Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, or as an Engineering Firm.

All designs and floor plan duct and piping layouts are provided using Wrightsoft Right-Suite Universal Right-J8 and Right-D software along with designer experience. Right-J8 and Right-D are recognized by ACCA (The Air Conditioning Contractors of America) as the official software versions of the Manual J and Manual D calculation and sizing methods.

There are many factors which determine the final performance of any hvac system. Beyond the conceptual design, these factors are out of our control, therefore we must limit our guarantee and liability.

Due diligence is required of all parties to ensure a good, functional finished product.

Other factors which limit our guarantee

  • Our calcs are dependant upon accurate and complete structure and component construction information
  • Outside factors such as water flow, electrical supply, air flow can be inadequate.
  • Customer provides outsourced ductwork fabrication
  • Poor installation. Customer does own or hires out installation. Too often budget constraints limit quality workmanship. The cheap guy gets hired and he cuts corners on quality. We can only recommend and assume good installation practices will be implemented.
  • Last minute structural changes are common. This results in duct rerouting or unanticipated ductwork or airflow restriction. Ceilings get sheetrocked and restriction is unknown. Any such changes should require recalculation. We cannot control the phases of the project beyond the conceptual design. Therefore we will not be held liable for the work or performance of others.

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