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This site is intended to provide basic information about any and all hvac related subjects. We are an information source for the general public wishing to educate themselves about hvac options before a purchase or hiring out an hvac installation.

We are a web-based hvac design company promoting and providing proper Manual J, Manual D, and Manual S calculation services. Our services are provided for the Homeowner, Builder, Architect, Hvac Professional, and the handy Do-It-Yourselfer. We also promote quality above all else.

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Submission Guidelines

  • Article submissions must be related to the Hvac fields.
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  • You must be the sole copyright holder for the articles you submit.
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Other Guidelines

Submission of an article does not guarantee placement on our site. We reserve the right to reject any article for any reason.

Please do not submit articles that are not related to hvac fields in some way. Links back to your site must not be related to gambling, adult sites, alcohol, or any illegal or offensive field. We are in the hvac design services field, we will not post promotional materials or link back to competetive sites or businesses.

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Contributed articles and contributing authors will be listed here on this "Table of Contents" and the article will be linked to the appropriate main page category.

Contributed Articles: Table of Contents

Indoor Air Quality: How clean is the air in your home? by Caitlin Caldie

Pre-Service Checklist by Shawn Davis, Service Manager / Seattle, Wash.

Some Simple Tips for Improved Home Air Quality by Alan Freestone / Ogden, Utah

Residential Hvac Duct Drawings by Geoffrey R. Stoddard, Hvac Designer / Detroit, Michigan

Tools Necessary for the Air Conditioning Serviceman by Jamison Nichols / Cheyenne, Wyoming

Condensate Drain Cleaning by Stanley Rett / Florida

Central Air Conditioning: Is It Right For Your Home? ...by Marikor Hidalgo

10 Tips For Saving Money on Your Heating and Air Conditioning System
by Janet M. Slagell

Choosing Your Air Conditioning Contractor ... by Carolyn Ethington

University of Illinois Scientists Show Us Little Known Approaches to Make More Effective Photovoltaic Panels ... by Shannon Combs

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