The Best Way for a Manual J Calculation for your Home


For our hvac design software we utilize Wrightsoft Right-Suite Universal. This hvac design software provides your Manual J calculations, heat loss and heat gains, certified by the ACCA, Manual S equipment selection, and Manual D duct sizing and design.

Wrightsoft provides a wide range of reports certified by the ACCA to meet the many requirements of Manual J 8th edition.

Your Wrightsoft Manual J hvac design calculation takes into account your home's altitude, your city's yearly weather attributes, your home's exterior finish, your roof shingles, and most importantly which direction your home faces. In the interior, all factors affecting your overall comfort are considered in your hvac design, such as basement or crawlspace finished or not, wall insulation, attic insulation, windows single or double pane low or high u-value, skylights, your doors, your fireplaces, your appliances, and many other factors.

Each and every room in your home will be designed so an installer can see exactly how much cooling and heating needs to be provided into each room.

Wrightsoft Universal hvac design software provides detailed duct designs, as well. Each supply or return throughout your home is sized dependent upon delivery needs, length of run, restriction of the ducting and duct fittings, and even the restriction of registers and grilles.

Wrightsoft will size your air conditioner and furnace. The program will tell your contractor what blower is needed to deliver the proper air flow and it will help him find the brand and model of equipment which meets the criteria.

All the contractor, installer, or handy do-it-yourselfer need do is follow the hvac design which the software has created.

We will be discussing Manual D duct design later on in these pages. Heat loss and heat gain will be dicussed in our air conditioning and heating pages.

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