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The GREEN Pages
Go Green: It Will Fatten Your Wallet and Help Mother Earth!

Mixed in amongst our other pages are some that have a Green theme. If your interest in visiting us here at Perfect Home Hvac Design is to gain some knowledge about Green Issues and Green Energy Efficient comfort systems, you have come to the right place!

This page links to all of our Green pages. Just click on the page title, then return back here to choose the next Green page you would like to visit.

Following our in-site pages, we have listed many of our Friends that care about Mother Earth, as we do. Please visit their sites, as well.

Then we hope you will return again to continue your visit with us. In our company pages we have a comment form. All comments or suggestions are Welcome.

GEOTHERMAL COMFORT SYSTEMS: Mother Earth Has Stored Your Comfort Needs Just Below The Surface


GROUND-SOURCE-HEAT-PUMPS: Mother Earth Will Wrap You In Warmth

HEAT PUMPS: Making Heat Out Of Nothing At All?

HEAT PUMP PROS 'n' CONS: Is a Heat Pump Right for Your Home?

RADON: A Deadly Killer Amongst Us!

RADON MITIGATION: Your Home Can Be Treated To Prevent Radon From Entering

R22 PHASE-OUT: The Refrigerant and Ozone Wars Continue Unabated!

ASBESTOS EXPOSURE: Have Your Home Tested

ENERGY EFFICIENCY TIPS: Ideas to Help the Homeowner to Traverse the High Efficiency Jungle and Save Bucks!

University of Illinois Scientists Show Us Little Known Approaches to Make More Effective Photovoltaic Panels ... by Shannon Combs

Some Green websites worth a visit:

The Green Guide
Green Living Tips
Green Living Ideas
Green Energy Efficient Homes

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