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How I am turning a lifetime's passion into a second income.

This is my hvac design SBI testimonial!

36 years ago, I came out of high school wondering just what I was going to do with my life! I have always been known as the black sheep / do-it-my-own-way kinda guy. So I looked around at the multitude of opportunities falling at my feet, and said, "Well, Heck!, sheet metal shop is the only class I ever flunked out of! I'll become a sheet metal man!"

And I did! (true story!)

Back in those days the hvac installers were true craftsmen. I learned their way. I learned to care about my chosen trade. I found I enjoyed going home at night knowing that the day's work was not only functional, but asthetically pleasing, as well. My sheet metal installations became my art.

I became passionate about quality installation and proper design. And I became intolerant of some of the sheet metal butchers out there!

Hence, the idea was born for this website and the creation of Perfect-Home-Hvac-Design Services.

The Biggest Mistake People Make in Life is Not Making a Living at Doing What They Most Enjoy!
Malcolm S. Forbes (1919-1990)

My Site Build It experience so far!

I was quite intimidated by the idea of building a website which would be seen all over the world. I really wasn't sure that I had the skills to build such an animal. I spent months studying the free or low-cost web services. And with my limited computer skills I became sure that building this website was NOT going to happen. At least, not by me!

Then I happened across SBI's site. I read all the promises. I became intrigued. Was it possible to build my site without being highly html competent, without being a website building expert? And they promise that there will be help all along the way. And they promise that I will learn everything I need to know as I proceed building my site. And they promise that they will help with the search engines, so my site will be seen! Wow!

I started emailing their customer service people with questions, and soon I was back believing that I could indeed build the site that you see!

My SBI site performance so far

I am taking a subject that I am passionate about, combining it with brains and motivation and a simple step-by-step proven process created by SBI.

Early on I read that 60% of SBI websites reach the top 3% of all websites on the World Wide Web, and that an astonishing 30% of SBI sites gain the top 1% on the WWW. With over 870 million websites on the WWW and the subject (heating and air conditioning design) I had chosen, I felt that I had no chance of competing for the top spots in the world. I only dreamed of reaching that 3% mark.

8 months ago, in July of '09 I began this journey, my first couple rough pages hit the internet. SBI notified the search engines each time I added or changed a page!

Within 2 months my site was rated 24,000,000 in the world! My site had reached the top 3%.

Within 6 months, my site was rated 5,000,000 in the world. I didn't think it was possible. Top 1%!

Today, only 8 months later, perfect-home-hvac-design is rated in the 400,000's on the WWW and under 100,000 in the U.S.; Far beyond my wildest dreams and expectations. And my ratings have not stabilized yet, they continue getting better each day! The SBI process works! See my current rankings on this page's left column.

This site receives hundreds of visitors per day. Many websites take years to gain this level. SBI provides all the tools for you to get there, and for you to track your site's progress day-by-day, month-by-month.

SBI is not a get rick quick scheme

I repeat! Site Build It is not a get rich quick scheme

My Monetization Plan

When I decided to set out upon this journey, I had two monetization goals to accomplish. The first being that I wanted the website to stand on it's own and become an income producer. The second was that the site would be the platform for marketing and producing an ever-increasing income from my Design services.

1) The Hvac Design Marketing. This service is becoming quite lucrative, and I am really enjoying that I am designing systems for every end of this country.

2) Currently the website is already paying for itself. I am just now beginning to put into motion my monetization plan for the website itself. Check back here for updates in the next months ahead. This site is still young!

SBI! Monthly Billing Option

SBI notes

Building a successful website will take time, a couple brain cells, desire, and elbow-grease.

Site build it provides the tools for you to build a site that pulls the traffic to you. SBI guides you through the steps to turn your site into a rapidly growing income producer. You need to add the most important ingredient; good old hard work. SBI will even help you find the right topic for your site, if you don't already have one in mind. Then SBI will guide you through turning that targeted traffic into dollars.

SBI helps you choose the right keywords that your visitors are entering into the search engines to find you. SBI helps you design each page to be attractive to the search engines. SBI helps you build a monetization plan for making your idea pay!

Now is the time to look to Site Build It if you ever dreamed of owning your own business. Do you have a hobby you would like to promote? Do you have a special area of expertise or knowledge. There are web surfers out there looking for you!

If you can talk to your friends, you can write. SBI helps you here, too!

No special skills are needed! SBI will provide all you need to get the ball rolling. SBI will be there every step of the way to help you reach your goals. And there are thousands of other SBIers out there willing to help you along the path, as well!

SBI takes you by the hand and leads you through the entire process, and even hosts your site on their servers. It is a day-by-day, week-by-week, learning and action plan that makes it hard to fail! I cannot imagine building a website any other way!

An SBI costs $299 per year. That is less than $25 per month if you make the full year purchase. Believe me, for all you get it is one heck of a bargain! They have a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. So you can't lose!

Due to the recession, SBI currently is offering a $29.99 monthly payment recession buster option. You can now start with a small monthly payment, and you will still have the 30-day guarantee.

My connection to SBI

In case you are wondering, I am a very happy customer of Solo Build It! (SiteSell) I am an affiliate merchant of their service, because I am so impressed with the product they offer.

If you are interested in looking into an SBI of your own, please click on any one of the SBI ads in this site or on this page, and you will be taken to an SBI information page where you can investigate the option of purchasing and building a website the SBI way.

See you on the Net or in the Forums.

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