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Value is the best bang for the buck! If you desire value, rate your hvac contractors before you rate the price. When it comes to choosing an HVAC contractor, too often people base their decision solely on price alone.

The lowest bidder may be the best choice for the job. But then again, his low price may be a reflection of the quality of the equipment he is proposing to install, and a hint of the performance you can expect out of your new system.

On the other end of the spectrum, the high bidder may only be trying to make a fast buck!

The common law of business says you cannot pay a little and get a lot. It cannot be done! If you deal with the lowest bidder, you would be well advised to put away some money to cover the eventual problems. And if you did that, you would have enough for something better. The chance you take is the item you purchased may be incapable of providing what it was purchased for! Then you have lost everything, except your frustration.

Isn't it just a better idea to go into your hvac comfort system purchase armed with knowledge, and compare your potential candidates against each other.

Take your time. Don't be pressured into a rash decision before you feel confident in your choices. Those hvac contractors will still be there, waiting for your call, eager and happy to provide your new system.

Before installation checklist:

  • Did your chosen hvac contractor explain that he would be performing a Manual J calculation to properly size your system?
  • Did your contractor look at all registers and grilles in each room of your residence?
  • Did your contractor look over your existing duct system and make suggestions to improve your ductwork and airflow performance?
  • Did your contractor come equipped with literature for the system he is recommending?
  • Did your contractor take the time to measure your windows, doors, rooms, and did he look at your insulation in the attic and crawlspace?
  • Did your contractor discuss possible upgrades and the benefits of higher efficiency equipment? Did he discuss Energy Star rated equipment with you?
  • Did your contractor discuss possible tax credits and rebates available to you?
  • Did your contractor review the load calculation with you? And did he compare the equipment performance data with the load calculation?
  • Did your contractor provide an AHRI certification to prove system performance?
  • Did your contractor review your furnaces current venting and combustion air systems with you?
  • Did your contractor provide references?

During installation checklist:

  • Did your contractor take out the proper permits?
  • Did your installer make recommended ductwork alterations?
  • Did your installer seal all duct joints, both old and new, against duct leakage?
  • Did your installer test and document airflow rates at the air handler and each room?
  • Did your installer balance the air flow room by room?
  • Did your installer test the thermostat for proper calibration, or replace it?
  • Did your installer test fire the furnace and adjust the unit's firing rate?
  • Did your installer properly adjust the refrigerant charge at the outdoor condensing unit?
  • Did your installer verify proper venting of exhaust gases from the new unit?
  • Did your installer recommend or install a CO detector?
  • Was your installers technical level acceptable?
  • Did your installer clean up after himself?

After the installation:

  • Did your contractor contact you to verify the system's performance and your satisfaction?
  • Did your contractor offer a maintenance agreement?
  • Did your contractor help you through your rebates paperwork?

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